Last month I was invited to speak at Tribecon. I got to talk about how improv can help you become a better collaborator, listener and overall a more badass human being. It was fun, people learned a lot and most importantly, we got to project our cool logo on a screen behind me. The event was amazing, well organized, fun, helpful and should be written down on your 2012 to-do list.

One of the folks who help make Tribecon go down is Molly O. who said this nice thing on a recap:

“One of my all-time favorite New Orleanians, Chris Trew, is a founder of The New Movement and an IMPROV MASTER. Not only is Chris hilarious, he’s a hustler and knows how to get things done. He presented at TribeCon on how a few basic improv comedy guidelines can transform brainstorming sessions and work environments.” I bolded, caps-locked and underlined the parts I thought were most interesting about Molly’s review.

I wouldn’t mind doing more stuff like this. Tech conferences, adventurous business team builder types, get at me! Someone from TNM will come to you and bring the funk.

Check out a killer photoset of Tribecon here.

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