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Chris Trew is a nationally touring comedian, rapper and improv comedy teacher. He’s based in Austin and New Orleans where he runs The New Movement. The Austin Chronicle once said “Chris Trew is out of his fucking mind.”

He tours often performing a variety of projects. He’s performed at over 50 comedy festivals in North America. Onion A.V. Club saw Chris perform and said that he “boldly explores that blurry line between humor and performance art.

He founded the sketch comedy website Studio8 which has been making online videos since 2003 and has created lots of content for Comedy Central.

Chris is on Twitter and Facebook. Below is a first person tour of stuff he does. Above is more stuff he does.


Some pictures of The New Movement
Our comedy theater produces shows and classes in Austin, Houston and New Orleans. We also do awesome things like the Improv Wins Conference and website, Hell Yes Fest and The Megaphone Marathons. Our students get to tour the country and perform their asses off.

The Austin Chronicle said we are a“fiercely enjoyable brain warp of a time” and our classes are “a gem of focused education.” Both of these things are very, very true. Also true: The Austin-American Statesman said “they’ve built their own language of improv.”

A picture of me doing standup.
I’ve performed at festivals, toured with Kyle Kinane and Sean Patton and even performed at some non-festivals if you can believe that. Also, one time I finished dead last in an Austin-American Statesman Most Eligible Bachelor poll.

Pictures of me being a professional wrestling manager
I represent several managers at Anarchy Championship Wrestling. I also cut promos on whatever I want on this YouTube show. I am the future professional wrestling manager of the decade.

A picture of me hosting the Air Sex Championships
Since 2009 I’ve been touring the country hosting the finest sporting event in the world performing at venues like the Bowery Ballroom (NYC), Williamsburg Music Hall (NYC), Alamo Drafthouse (Austin), One Eyed Jacks (NOLA) and Echoplex (L.A.). I was also on a couple of episodes of Bad Girls Club as well as America’s Got Talent. Our YouTube account explains a lot. Howard Stern said I was “highly offensive.”

A video of me rapping
I’ve released three albums under the moniker Terp2it. I was once called “The Andy Kaufman of Hip-Hop” by popular rapper MC Lars.

A picture of Trew to the Game, my sports video/writing/podcast project
Since I am the most irrational New Orleans sports fan of all time I thought it would be fun to document my irrationality. I was right! Most of this content was written for Hornets247 or Saints247. But all of it can be found on my Tumblr.


This album is for sale in the Store. This album is for sale on iTunes and on Studio8. My Austin comedy theater has shirts! Buy those here!
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Air Sex Championships
The New Movement
The New Movement runs shows, classes and festivals in Austin, Houston and New Orleans.! We're your place for Austin Improv Classes and shows and New Orleans Improv Classes and shows! Houston too!